CHU Saint-Étienne

The Saint-Étienne University Hospital (CHUSE) is a public health establishment responsible for implementing care, training and research activities. CHUSE is committed to meeting the healthcare needs of all, with humanity, in all circumstances and in a sustainable manner, by providing care in line with the latest scientific findings, and by being involved in innovation and clinical research.

The Clinical and Exercise Physiology Department at Saint-Etienne University Hospital has been carrying out cardiorespiratory function tests, sports medicine and evaluation of adaptation to exercise in humans for over 40 years. It is supported by two accredited research teams: LIBM (Research team UJM Saint Etienne) and Sainbiose (Inserm U1059). The team’s are responsible for the Master’s degree in Health Engineering, Neuromotricity Engineering (UJM Saint Etienne) and co-directors of the Inter-regional Sports Medicine Capacity. The team’s involve 3 PUPHs and 1 MCUPH, with a research focus on human adaptation to exercise, from the healthy, high-level athlete to patients with neuromuscular, respiratory and cardiovascular pathologies.

A central task of the team is to provide cardiac rehabilitation through exercise after a cardiovascular event, with a multidisciplinary team and an ARS-approved therapeutic patient education program that has been up and running for 10 years. An important number of PhDs and post-docs are carrying out research activities in functional evaluation and exercise re-training techniques each year (4 theses per year). A team of Research Engineers specializing in signal processing and functional assessment tools supports a wide range of scientific work on cardiac and blood pressure rhythm regulation (autonomic analysis).

The members of Saint-Etienne University Hospital involved in the ICELAND RHU are :

  • Prof. Frederic Roche, in charge of the functional evaluation of the implantation of the ICELAND device for mitral valve repair 
  • Dr. Romain Pierrard, Cardiologist
  • Martin Garet, PhD – Lecturer