Ecole Centrale Lyon

Ecole Centrale Lyon (ECL) is one of the leading scientific graduate schools in France. Research at Centrale Lyon has garnered national and international recognition from many institutions and industries.  Centrale Lyon has established a dynamic scientific policy built on 5 priority fields: nanotechnology and nanomaterials, transport, energy, environment and bio-engineering.

Ecole Centrale Lyon is involved in the project through the laboratory LTDS.


LTDS is a research laboratory affiliated to Ecole Centrale Lyon. The LTDS’s research activities are related to solid mechanics and cover a broad spectrum: the tribology activities that aim to understand and model contact, friction, wear and lubrication phenomena – the structure and system dynamics activities which focus on vibro-acoustics, control, nonlinear dynamics of complex systems and intelligent materials – the mechanics of materials and processes to precisely analyze the behavior of materials and living tissues in relation to their microstructure, computational mechanics of surfaces – and the research in civil engineering that focuses on geomaterials and structures, soils, granular media and multiphysics interactions.

The LTDS’s bioengineering team (belonging to the mechanics of material team) is involved in the ICELAND project. Its research activities concern the study and modeling of tension in connective tissue, which supports all human tissues with a special interest in the fibrillar microstructure of this tissue (collagen, elastin, actins), which forms the architecture for the distribution of mechanical tension.

The members of LTDS involved in the ICELAND RHU are :

  • Hassan Zahouani, PhD – Professor
  • Eric Feulvarch, PhD – Professor
  • Roberto Vargiolu, PhD – Researcher
  • Lucas Ouillon, PhD – Researcher
  • Cyril Pailler Mattei, PhD – Lecturer
  • Hélène Magoariec, PhD – Lecturer